My iPad drive is full. How can I free up some space?

What is taking up space?: Go to Settings -> General -> iPad Storage. Here you will see apps and app data that are taking up the most space. If you select an app, you will see (1) "App Size" and (2) size of "Documents & Data." The "App Size" refers to the size of the application itself. The "Documents & Data" refers to the files or data created or used by the app. Removing larger apps and or app data will free up more space.

Remove Unused Apps: Go through the apps you currently have installed and delete any that are unused. Odds are, if you haven't opened an app in the past month or so, you likely won't need it right away. Tap and hold an app icon until it starts shaking, then tap on the X icon to delete. If you do end up needing the app in the future, simply re-download it. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you created any documents or files with an app, that data will be deleted when you delete the app!

Move Photos and Videos off the iPad: You can save photos and videos from your iPad to your Mac computer or to Google Drive (see KB Article 634 for details). Once you verify that all photos and videos have been backed up to your Mac or Google Drive you can delete them from your iPad to free up space.

Clear Safari Cache: Go to Settings -> Safari -> "Clear History and Website Data," which may free up some additional space.

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