I used iMovie HD in the past. How do I delete a project in the newer version of iMovie?

The newer version of iMovie has quite a different look and feel than iMovie HD. One of the differences is how projects are deleted when no longer needed. 

To remove a project, click it's name and then choose File --> Move to Trash, or press command-delete. You can also right(control)-click the project thumbnail in the event browser and then select Move to Trash from the pop up menu. 

If you wish to restore a deleted project, you can restore it by selecting Edit --> Undo Move to Trash or by pressing command-z immediately after deleting it. 

NOTE: In iMovie HD, you could restore a project from the Finder's trash. Only the methods listed above will restore projects in the current district version - and only if iMovie has remained open since the project was deleted. If you delete a project and then quit iMovie, the project is permanently deleted. iMovie places "trashed" projects in a hidden, temporary folder which is removed when you quit iMovie. 

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