Flash requesting update to load website (Mac)

Flash updates are available in Self Service ("How to Use Self Service"  KB #555 ).

However, some websites will display a Flash update or other Flash message when no update is needed. For example, BoardMaker Online may display the update request, and the timecard.nsd.org website will display this screen when first loaded in Google Chrome: 


Click on the  Get Adobe Flash Player button. If the window does not change or becomes blank, a setting needs to be changed in Google Chrome.  

Select Chrome --> Preferences from the menubar. 


Type Flash in the Search field. 



Click on Site Settings


Click on Flash  (you may need to scroll down to find it).


Click on the slider to enable Ask First.



Quit and then reopen Chrome to reflect the setting change. Reload the webpage. Click the Allow button if a Run Flash pop up appears. 

The page will load. 



Note: For some websites, you will need to click on the Get Adobe Flash Player button and then  Allow each time the webpage loads. 





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