Where can I download a users manual for my projector?

The following projectors are supported by the Technology Department. Repairs and replacement bulbs will be provided if it is cost effective to complete the repair (bulbs or repair costs must be less than half the current price of the projector).

User Manuals Hitachi:

CP-S225 | CP-S235 | CP-X205 |

User Manuals Epson:

Powerlite 83c | Powerlite 83+| Powerlite 84+ | Powerlight 95 | Powerlight 98 | Powerlight 400 | Powerlight 460 | Powerlight 480 


Please open a Web Help Desk work order ticket for bulb replacements. Bulb replacements will take place within 24-hours.

If you have any spare bulbs, please send all spare bulbs to the Technology Department attn Aleks Lapchenko for safe storage. Bulbs will be replaced by the tech specialists and are no longer user-installed items.

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