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  1. Can you help me sync my Palm Pilot or Blackberry with my computer? Palm Pilots and Blackberrys are not supported by the NSD Technology Department. The technology for synching Palm devices with Macintosh computers does not work any Mac OS X release newer than 10.5 and Blackberry requires that the district run a speci... Read More
  2. How do I change my theme in Outlook? If you would like higher contrast or different colors in Outlook, you can do this by changing the theme.  Change your theme by following these quick steps: 1.  Select the Settings gear icon in the top right menu bar of your Outlook window. 2.  Se... Read More
  3. Can I Import a File to Create A Contact List In Outlook Web Access? It is possible to import lists of email addresses into Outlook to create Contact Lists. The service from which you are pulling your email addresses may have unique steps you must follow to export a list. Check the help materials of that service for m... Read More