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  1. How do I change my theme in Outlook? If you would like higher contrast or different colors in Outlook, you can do this by changing the theme.  Change your theme by following these quick steps: 1.  Select the Settings gear icon in the top right menu bar of your Outlook window. 2.  Se... Read More
  2. How do I view and manage email groups (Contact Lists) in Outlook? Email groups/contact lists that you create for your district Outlook account are stored in the Contacts section of Outlook.   For basic information on how to create, view, and edit contacts and contact lists in Outlook, view this support article... Read More
  3. How do I update my Mac to Office 2016? Currently Technology supports two versions of Microsoft Office - 2011 and 2016.  As of December 31, the Technology Department will no longer support Office 2011. What does this mean for you? If you haven’t updated to Office 2016, plan to run ... Read More
  4. How do you set Firefox to automatically clear the browser cache? How do you set Firefox to automatically clear the browser cache? You can set Firefox to automatically clear the cache when Firefox closes: 1.  On the menu bar choose Firefox > Preferences        2.  Select Privacy       3.  In the Histor... Read More
  5. How can a teacher or staff member tell if a student is using a 3G/4G wireless connection to the internet rather than the district wireless network? Most mobile devices will show a Wi-Fi signal symbol when connected to a wireless network. This symbol is usually located in the menu bar at the top of the screen and looks similar to this:   iPhone Screenshot of a Wi-Fi connection.   When devices ... Read More
  6. I’m leaving the district. How do I export email addresses from my address book/contacts list in Outlook to import to a non-district computer? You can easily export your contacts from Outlook in a .csv file. Open the People application within Outlook by clicking on the icon Now click on Manage in the top menu bar and select Export contacts from the drop-down menu. To have all of... Read More
  7. How do I user Reflector to wirelessly display my iPad screen to my computer? NOTE: Newly updated iPads on iOS 10 require "Reflector 2" v2.6.0 which is available in Self Service on your district issued Mac. Please download "Reflector 2" before mirroring your iOS 10 iPad. See this new KB article on settings you need to change a... Read More
  8. How do I turn off the pop-up blocker in a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)? There may be situations where you need to clear the pop up blockers in your browsers to use specific services such as the secure browser for student testing, or when using Synergy (Firefox is the recommended browser for Synergy).  To turn off pop-up... Read More
  9. How do I get rid of the filter warning message on my computer that ActivInspire is displaying? We recommend that this warning message is kept enabled. The message is intended to help maximize the efficiency of projectors. If necessary, the filter warning message can be disabled from within ActivManager: In the Menu Bar at the top of your scre... Read More
  10. I play a lot of foreign DVDs and need to keep changing the region code. Is there any way around this? You can use the VLC Player application to play most (but not all) foreign DVDs. On your Mac, insert your DVD disc into the drive. The DVD Player application will open up and prompt you to change the region code. Leave this message up on the screen (... Read More
  11. On my Mac, how do I merge or combine two PDF files into one? In Mac OS X 10.5 and later, you can merge two PDF documents together using Preview. Right-click (or control+click) on the first PDF file and select Open With -> Preview. In the Menu Bar at the top of your screen, go to View -> Sidebar. A ... Read More
  12. Firefox is in Offline Mode In the Menu Bar at the top of your screen, click on File. Uncheck the last option for Work Offline Try going to a website. Firefox should be online now. work off line mode fire fox foxfire... Read More
  13. How do I print a 3-hole punched print job to the printer at the Graphics Center? Open the document that you would like to print. In the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, select File -> Print Select the 6135hold graphics center printer. Click on Copies & Pages and select Xerox Features. Click on the gray button to the ri... Read More
  14. How do I change my default web browser? Launch Safari (Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Safari) In the Menu Bar at the top of your screen, select Safari -> Preferences. Click on the General button. At the top of the window next to Default web browser: you can select either Firefo... Read More
  15. Can I use Apple Mail on my district issued Mac? Apple’s Mail application is available on staff Mac computers.  Since Outlook is the District’s supported email tool, limited support will be provided for users who wish to utilize Apple Mail.  Service Level Agreement: Technology staff w... Read More
  16. How do I... in Mac OS X 10.13 "High Sierra"? Mac OS X 10.13  "High Sierra" has an excellent Help tool built right into the operating system. Click on the Finder icon (blue smiley face on your Dock). In the Finder Menu Bar at the top of your screen, click on Help > Mac Help. In the upper ri... Read More
  17. When I open my PowerPoint file, it automatically opens as a slideshow. How can I change this so that I can edit the show? Launch PowerPoint (Applications -> Microsoft Office 2011 -> Microsoft PowerPoint) In the Menu Bar at the top of your screen, click on File -> Open. Navigate to your PowerPoint Presentation (probably ends in .pps) and click Open. It will ope... Read More
  18. How do I... in TextEdit? To learn more about the Mac OS X TextEdit program, open go to Applications -> TextEdit and in the Menu Bar choose Help -> TextEdit Help.  text, edit, editor... Read More
  19. I want to print on both sides. How can I print duplex to save paper? On a Macintosh OS X computer (this example is based on choices within MS Word. Option may vary slightly for other applications): From the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, click File -> Print. In the Print Window, click on the drop down menu and... Read More
  20. I have an open application on my Desktop that is halfway off the screen. How do I move it back? Position the cursor in the top gray section of the application window then click and drag the window back onto your Desktop. Be careful not to click in the red/yellow/green buttons in the top left corner or on the closure lozenge in the top right. If... Read More
  21. In Word, how do I change the text direction? There are several ways to change the text direction in Word. Use the Menu Bar options Select the text you wish to change the direction of. Select Format -> Text Direction from the Word Menu Bar. Select the picture that displays the desired text... Read More
  22. How do you merge cell contents in Excel? As an example, let's say that your spreadsheet has student first names in column A and student last names in column B on a class list spreadsheet. You want to have the full name display in column C as first name, space, last name. Use Insert -&g... Read More
  23. How do I move pages in Word 2011? In Word, pages must be copied then pasted to their new location in the document to change the page order. Highlight all the material on the page you wish to move, then select Edit->Cut from the Menu Bar. This will remove the material from the docu... Read More
  24. How do I change the spacing in a Word document? On the menu bar select Format then Paragraph. Find Line spacing in the next dialogue window and change the line spacing using the drop down menu, or type the desired spacing in the line spacing box. Click OK. spacing, word, line... Read More
  25. Word is acting really strange. I also can’t print or save because an error says, "Out of memory". Some of your user settings for Word may be corrupt. To reset: Close Word. Double click on the Macintosh HD icon on your Desktop, or Mr-Smiley-Face-Guy in the Dock to open a Finder window. Click on the house icon next to your username in the sidebar ... Read More
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