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  1. My links are not working in my Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Launch Adobe Reader by going to Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Adobe Reader. In the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, click Reader -> Preferences -> General Preferences. Check the box Automatically Detect URL's From Text. Your li... Read More
  2. How do I enable Flash on a Chromebook? Google Chrome includes Adobe Flash Player built-in to it, but may be disabled. You can enable Flash Player through your Content Settings within Chrome. 1) In the URL bar (website address bar), type chrome://settings/content/flash to open the Flash ... Read More
  3. Someone changed the language setting on a Chromebook. How do I change it back to English? Log in to the Chromebook. Launch the Chrome browser and enter the following URL in the address field: chrome://settings/languages Select English. ... Read More
  4. How do I access and use FitnessGram? 1. The URL for FitnessGram is URL is http://fg.nsd.org2. If you have forgotten your password:--Bring up the logon screen--Fill in the state (Washington)--Select your school--Enter your user name (usual NSDNet username)--Click on the Forgot Password ... Read More
  5. How do I send files to myself or have others send me files from a phone, home or non-district computer? HOW TO SEND OR RECEIVE PICTURES AND OTHER LARGE FILES - NOT EMAIL As the pictures taken on smartphones have gotten larger and larger, it has become almost impossible to send them through email (which was never designed to transfer files). The Distric... Read More
  6. How do I tell if this email is legitimate or not? Spam and junk email makes up the majority of email traffic on the Internet and, despite all efforts, is impossible to completely block. Many of these are obvious spam (unless you really were writing someone for information on Viagra) but many of them... Read More
  7. I am an elementary school teacher and would like to create progress reports for parents in Easy Grade Pro. For elementary staff that use Easy Grade Pro, there is a process to enable parents to view student progress using a web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Create a ticket in WebHelpDesk requesting a Web folder be created... Read More
  8. Where do I find resources on how to create podcasts? Podcasting tutorials are available to all Northshore staff at Log in with your district username and password. Type podcast in the search field and select the tutorial that best suits your needs. Note: Be careful to type the ... Read More
  9. How do I post NSD district forms to SchoolWires pages or the district fileserver for staff to access? Note: These instructions are ONLY for Central Office NSD staff who create, maintain and post district forms to SchoolWires pages or NSD servers for NSD staff to access. The fileserver and SchoolWires will be happier if you use the following guidelin... Read More
  10. How do I connect to the file server? There are multiple ways to connect to the district file server. You will probably want to try them in the order listed below. MyServerFolder - File Server Login at school MyServerFolder is an application installed on all district computers that provi... Read More
  11. Quick Start Guide: NSD Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 Multifunction Printers Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 Mutifunction printers are being installed during the 19/20 school year. Staff will need to take a few steps to use the new equipment.  Printing to a Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 How to add the Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 to yo... Read More
  12. How do I open another email account that I manage in Outlook? If you manage multiple email accounts, they should automatically appear in the left navigation pane in your Outlook email.  You may need to scroll to the bottom of the left pane, or collapse your account using the caret to the left of your username.... Read More
  13. How do I change my theme in Outlook? If you would like higher contrast or different colors in Outlook, you can do this by changing the theme.  Change your theme by following these quick steps: 1.  Select the Settings gear icon in the top right menu bar of your Outlook window. 2.  Se... Read More
  14. Can I Import a File to Create A Contact List In Outlook Web Access? It is possible to import lists of email addresses into Outlook to create Contact Lists. The service from which you are pulling your email addresses may have unique steps you must follow to export a list. Check the help materials of that service for m... Read More
  15. How do I send a message to an email group (contact list)? To send an email to a Contact List, start by opening a new email message.  Start typing the exact name of the contact list into the "To" field.  Your list should pop up in a drop down menu as you start typing.  Select the list, complete your messa... Read More
  16. How do I add/view an email inbox or folder that someone has shared or delegated to me?    To add a delegated mailbox/email folder: Control + click on your account name in the Folders listing (just above your Inbox folder) Select "Add Shared Folder..." 3. Enter the account name for the delegated mailbox. User accounts will automati... Read More
  17. Google Chrome is displaying a message "Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of Google Chrome." How do I clear it? For those of you who use Google Chrome often and have logged in with your account to create a Google profile, you may get a warning message that "your Google Chrome profile cannot be used because it is from a newer version of Google Ch... Read More
  18. How can I connect directly to a campus webpage without navigating through the links on the District’s main website? You can connect directly to a campus website with the following URL's (web addresses): http://eastridge.ns... Read More
  19. "Your computer is infected" (Fake!!) Virus Pop-Up Alerts, Malware and Adware (Windows Computers) NEVER attempt to install any product on your district computer to stop viruses or other malware (or to make your system run faster). Please refer to KB Article 707 on how to remove Adware/Malware from my Mac? Window Users Malware, Adware and Virus at... Read More
  20. How do I send large attachments in email (how to use MailFile)? All mail servers limit the size of mail messages and attachments because there is a significant increase in processing time and storage space for an email with an attachment than one without. If you need to send a large file to one or more people and... Read More
  21. I can’t log in to Employee Online. My password isn’t working. Your password to Employee Online ( is independent of any other NSD system.  Use your 5-digit Employee ID# and password to log in to Employee Online, as shown in the screen shot below.  If your ID# is less than 5 digits, put 0 (zer... Read More
  22. I am receiving spam and junk messages in my e-mail. What can I do to stop them? With the move to Outlook, the District is now utilizing Microsoft’s email filtering tools.  These tools are as effective as our previous mail filter at catching malicious emails (like phishing or malware). It is no longer necessary for staff t... Read More